Movie Posters, Album Art, etc.

Here is a poster I completed for a project to restore and re-release Manos: The Hands of Fate in hi def. The film is widely regarded to be one of the worst ever made, and is probably only known today because of Mystery Science Theater 3000. The biggest challenge in this case was getting the likenesses down. Especially the main guy. His character is so unusual that capturing the subtlties of his expression was difficult, but I'm glad that I persisted.

The challenge of this project was to work within several different bounds. The band wanted something similar to the covers of old EC horror comics, but to also make it relevant to the title of the album and to use a wild color scheme. Working under constraints like these is often quite rewarding.

A poster for a concept album by the band "The High Crusade." It depicts one of the characters featured in the songs, a doctor who unwittingly made himself a zombie.

These are concept sketches for a film production to be used as a supplement to the script to entice investors and talent.